Week of November 30-December 04

  • December 01 – First Peoples project presentations begin
  • December 02 – Hatchet chapter 12-13 questions
  • December 02 – Math page 10 and problem solving worksheet.
  • December 03 – Two paragraph assignment
  • December 04 – Spelling test and assignment – Challenge words thanks to Corbin are, apocryphal and conjoined.
  • December 04 – Elder visit to room 11.

We are working on our digestive system projects Wednesday and Friday. Students will present Tuesday, December 08. 

Chicken burger day is on Friday!!!!

Digestive System Project

Students have been given a digestive system project. This will be their assessment for the unit. They are to build a model of the digestive system and present it to the class. The project is due on December 08, 2015. They will have some class time to work on it but will be expected to complete it on their own time if need be.

Week of November 16-20

Home Reading is due on Tuesday

Socials studies test on Tuesday

Expository Paragraph due on Thursday.

Spelling unit 10 test and assignment is due on Friday

We are continuing to study the digestitve system.

We have started the First Nations project. Each student has picked a culture to study and will do a power point, poster or an essay on that culture. We will work on this for two weeks and it will be due November 30th. This link will be very helpful to work on the project. First Peoples of Canada

The week of November 02-06

Today we start work on our tipi project with Mr. Smith. Students will be able to bring them home on Thursday.

Spelling test on Unit 8 is on Friday. The worksheet is as well.

The good copy of the creation myths will be completed this week and due by Friday.

We will be doing a fun experiment on Thursday in science. Be sure to ask your child about it. We are now studying the digestive system.

Peak of the Market order forms went home yesterday. This is our first opportunity to fundraise for camp.