Week of February 26 – March 01

  • Friday is a PD Day and there is no classes for students
  • Thursday is grilled cheese day and orders must be in by Wednesday
  • The wordless picture book stories are due on Thursday
  • Student Portfolios are now due on March 09.
  • Daily edit and math are due on Thursday
  • I Love to Read Assembly is at 9:35 on Thursday.

Week of February 20 – 23

  • Stop Drop and Read is on Wednesday
  • Spelling Test is on Friday, as are sentences and word sorts
  • Daily Edit and Daily Math are due on Friday
  • TUSC is on Friday
  • Hot Dog Day is on Friday
  • Students are working on a group project researching life in New France – due date TBA
  • Students are working on a group activity where they are writing the story for a wordless picture book. Due date March 01.
  • We are starting work on portfolios and they will be due on March 05
  • Math tests on measurement went home for signing as did the social studies test on the early explorers.

Week of February 12 – 16

  • February 14 – Valentines Day events – 2:45 – 3:15
  • Stop Drop and Read on Wednesday at some point
  • Pizza Day on Friday – Orders are due on Wednesday
  •  Daily Math and Edit due on Friday
  • Novel Project due on Friday
  • February 19 is Louis Riel Day – no classes
  • Wordless picture book group assignment due on February 23
  • TUSC – February 23